This is a resource page for students with an eight month or more break between German classes.  If you are not using your German on a regular basis, you will unhappily surprised at how much you can lose! 

The links on this page provide a variety of on-line resources, including links to free on-line German courses, listening exercises, reading suggestions, and grammar review games.  

In der Pause


So use that iPod to feed your brain! Here is THE portal to German Podcasting!  Some video podcasts also available.  Also, view/download German news and documentary videos at Deutsche Welle.

Schlaflos in München ist seit 21. März 2005 online. Der Podcast von Annik Rubens dauert ca. 3-5 Minuten und beschäftigt sich als tägliche MP3-Kolumne immer mit einem bestimmten Thema.

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Item Links!

Was kann ich machen, um mein Deutsch zu behalten, wenn es eine Pause zwischen Deutsch 2 und 3, oder 3 und 4 gibt?  Probiere mal diese Links!

Item Lesestücke

Bücher/Filme zu empfehlen

Item Bücher 

Level 3

Level 4 ++

  • Harry Potter - Bände 1 - 5 von JK Rowling
  • Bridget Jones:  Schokolade zum Frühstück von Helen Fielding
  • Wie ein einziger Tag von Nicholas Sparks

Filme - There is a fantastic selection of German films on Netflix.  If you have a subscription, queue up a few German films! 

USA Bereit: (can be played on USA DVD players)
  • Metropolis von Fritz Lang - silent film with english subtitles (not rated, but would be a PG)  Click on trailers to see the movie trailer
    • Metropolis was a very expensive movie for its time and was not a financial success.  It left audiences in such future shock, that they left the theater. 
    • Interestingly, a few years later Metropolis came to the attention of Adolf Hitler, who is said to have offered Lang the opportunity to work for his propaganda organization.  Lang fled Germany and had a successful film career in the United States. 
    • The sets and cityscapes in Metropolis were among the most visually stunning ever seen in film up to that time.  Scenes reminiscent of Metropolis have been recreated in movies such as Blade Runner (, and the musik video, Respect Yourself, by Madonna.
  • Goodbye Lenin - nur für die, die es schon nicht vorher  in Deutsch 3 gesehen haben.  German with English subtitles.  (rated R.) 
  • Jakob der Lüger - recently remade with Robin Williams as "Jacob the Liar", we have the original German version that was produced in the ehemaligen DDR.  Story of survival in the Jewish Ghetto.  Not rated, but I would call it PG-13.  No nudity or language concerns.